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Internet Safety: Filters

Web filters are a very effective way to keep children (and adults!) safe on the internet. Some web filters have a monthly or annual cost, however, there are a few powerful filters which are free.

I don’t mean *free.k9Logo

*some terms and limits may apply


My personal favorite: K9 Web Protection

When looking for a good filter, try to find these features (hint: K9 has these):

  • Category blocking (drugs, pornography, racism, spyware, etc)
  • White list/black list (eg: block all social media, but allow Facebook. Allow all Tumblr blogs, except these two…)
  • Time limits (set times of day a child may use internet, or how long they may use it)
  • Works on Windows (PCs and tablets), Apple (computer, ipad, ipod, iphone), and Android (tablet, phone)
  • Password protected settings (filter can’t just be deleted by anyone)