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Internet Safety: Filters

Web filters are a very effective way to keep children (and adults!) safe on the internet. Some web filters have a monthly or annual cost, however, there are a few powerful filters which are free.

I don’t mean *free.k9Logo

*some terms and limits may apply


My personal favorite: K9 Web Protection

When looking for a good filter, try to find these features (hint: K9 has these):

  • Category blocking (drugs, pornography, racism, spyware, etc)
  • White list/black list (eg: block all social media, but allow Facebook. Allow all Tumblr blogs, except these two…)
  • Time limits (set times of day a child may use internet, or how long they may use it)
  • Works on Windows (PCs and tablets), Apple (computer, ipad, ipod, iphone), and Android (tablet, phone)
  • Password protected settings (filter can’t just be deleted by anyone)


How to Change RS Forum Password

RS Forum users, here is how to change your password from the randomly generated password you were emailed to your choice of password.

If you have not yet registered, please know that you will be emailed a password you must use to log into the RS Forum for the first time. If you highlight the password in your email, then copy and paste it to log in for the first time, you can avoid trying to remember and retype the long gobbledygook password emailed to you.

How to change your password after you register:

1. (Once you are logged in) look on the left sidebar of this site, click on your user name.

2. A list will appear (Profile, topics started, etc). Click on EDIT.

3. Scroll down and enter your preferred new password. 

4. Enter your same new password again in the next box, click “update profile”.


Rural Solutions is excited to launch the new website to actively engage the communities of the ten counties. RS will keep information relevant and timely. Please check out the following opportunities to participate online.


The RS forum is for you. Currently the categories for discussion are community gaps, program discussion (Healthier Living Colorado, The LifeSource Project, Northeast Colorado Women’s Health Coalition), and inter-county communication.  Your conversations in the RS Forum will enable Rural Solutions to help you.

To join the discussions on the forum, you will need to create an user name and password to log in. You will only need to create this account once.

Social Media

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