Silent Auction 4/23

On Saturday April 23, 2016 between the hours of 12-4 pm Rural Solutions will be holding a silent auction. Rural Solutions will be closing their physical location and all the proceeds will go to the Lifesource Project, the suicide prevention program. The silent auction will occur between 12-4 pm at Rural Solutions.  The silent auction will close at 4 pm. At this time payment and picking up your items is required. Picking up and paying for items will occur between 4-6 pm.

We hope to see everyone there!

Rural Solutions Inventory List

Position Available: Executive Director for RS

POSITION: Executive Director

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor Degree or 5 years experience in nonprofit
management, human services work, or agency management. Valid driver’s license.

SKILLS: Able to insure continuation of the organization as well as manage
and coordinate programs and initiatives including securing funding,
sustaining a sound administrative structure, hiring and supervising staff
when necessary, and preparing for future programs as directed by the Board
of Directors.

WAGE: Will depend on experience. Please submit salary requirements at

BENEFITS: To be discussed at interview. Includes an employee stipend that
can be applied to retirement or medical group plan.

DAYS AND HOURS: To be discussed at interview.

DUTIES: The Executive Director will:

1.Insure the continuation of Rural Solutions organizationally and fiscally.
Provide professional level leadership both internally and externally to the

2.Maintain a positive working relationship with the Board of Directors
(Board) of the organization. Provide for the development and education of
the Board in their role. Provide new Board members with a Board orientation
and information as needed.

3.Prepare and update a policies and procedures for the Board. Review
by-laws and recommend revisions annually or as necessary. Maintain and store
records of the organization.

4.Attend all Board meetings, assist the Board Chair with information and
recommendations, and submit a monthly report of activities. Participate as a
non-voting member of the Board and assigned committees.

5.Attend appropriate meetings as an official representative of the
organization as requested by the Board and effectively promote the
philosophy, missions, goals, and programs of the organization.

6.Establish procedures to secure funds for the organization, including
grants, fundraising materials, collateral contacts, community groups and
governmental agencies.

7.Provide appropriate fiscal management for the organization. Prepare the
yearly budget, oversee budget expenditures, insure internal fiscal
controls for the organization, and assure their alignment with projected
budget totals. Prepare for future needs and secure the wise use of program

8.Initiate, supervise and provide for continuity of programs of the
organization. Evaluate each program’s effectiveness by various means
including gathering appropriate information and statistics.

9.Hire, train, supervise, and evaluate all staff. Develop job
descriptions for various positions, implement appropriate training,
maintain ongoing supervision of staff, and conduct annual evaluations of all

10.Plan for the future and the development of programs to meet
communities’ needs with input from the Board.

11.Serve as coordinator of public information. Provide for the continuity
of public relations. Act as public spokesperson for the organization.

12.Possess excellent public speaking, training and facilitation skills to
facilitate meetings, coordinate events, foster collaborative projects,
and provide trainings as appropriate for the organization.

13.Remain connected and informed about pertinent activities and related
subject matter at the State and National level. This includes written,
phone, personal, and group contact, as Executive Director time allows.

14.Other duties as assigned by the Board.

JOB SITE: Office located in Sterling,CO – serving 10 northeastern
counties. Travel will be required within those counties, as well as external
when meetings and opportunities for training arise. Telecommuting may be
considered for daily office functions.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you meet the minimum requirements please click
on “How to Apply” to view the application instructions. APPLY HERE
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on how to apply for any of these jobs. Registration is available at not cost.*